Information into action

Connecting conservation funding to on-the-ground
action in the Peruvian Amazon

The Problem

Protecting the world’s forests would solve 1/3 of the climate crisis. In the Amazon rainforest, millions of dollars have been allocated through bilateral or private financing to halt deforestation and increasingly, to recuperate previously degraded forests. However, very little funding reaches front line communities and there is little evidence of these project investments. As the global need to protect forests intensifies the demand for verified forest protection projects and related environmental services is increasing.

Indigenous communities protect 25%+ of the Amazon basin. They are imperative to preserving forest landscapes that stabilize climate and biodiversity. However, remote indigenous communities lack public services and the financial resources for consultants to develop sophisticated and expensive verification systems, a process that takes years and costs thousands of dollars to develop and certify.

Our Solution

  1. To increase the scale of direct investments to front line forest communities whose work produces direct climate impacts
  2. To protect forests and plant native tree species in degraded areas of indigenous communities’ lands in a way that is sustainable and honors rights-based participation

MONITORING & REGENERATING FORESTSRegen Registry’s monitoring services provide low cost verification of forest protection and reforestation activities by frontline communities.

DIRECT FUNDING OF COMMUNITIESRegen Ledger’s blockchain smart contracts link payments directly to frontline communities to reward verified actions that protect and regenerate forests.

VIEWING ECOLOGICAL IMPACTDonors can view the verified project activities and the change in state on a Regen Registry dedicated project page.

How It Works



The Rainforest Foundation US and frontline communities form a collective agreement, and establish a project on Regen Registry and Regen Ledger. This enables donors to fund directly each community forest monitoring and restoration activities.



Members of frontline communities receive satellite-based deforestation alerts from Global Forest Watch and use off the shelf technology such as drones to identify and document illegal activity, and contact authorities to avoid further deforestation.

Community members will regenerate degraded areas by planting over 7,000 trees across 72 hectares, including endangered species, such as Mahogany and Cedar, and fruiting trees, like Guava and Cacao.



Evidence of monitoring and reforestation is submitted and stored as an immutable record on Regen Ledger, based upon which smart contracts transfer secure direct payments to frontline communities.

Where We Are Starting

We are initially partnering with the indigenous community of Buen Jardin de Callaru and neighboring communities in the eastern Peruvian Amazon. We intend to scale projects in the northwest Peruvian Amazon along the Napo river basin, representing approximately 30,000 hectares in total. Isolated, impoverished, and neglected tropical forest indigenous communities such as Buen Jardin de Callaru, have experienced rapacious degradation of their collectively owned forests for decades. With this partnership model we aim to reverse this trend and regenerate their forests.