It’s time that farmers and ranchers get paid for their ecological impact

There are many ways that farmers and ranchers positively impact our planet. It’s time we recognize stewardship and reward these practices.

Some of the practices and outcomes we are focused on include:

Regenerative Practices

  • No-Till
  • Cover cropping
  • Crop rotation
  • Buffer strips
  • Riparian protection
  • Agroforestry/Integration of perennials
  • Rotational grazing

Positive ecological outcomes

  • Increase carbon sequestration
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance biodiversity
  • Boost Soil health

How it works

Farmers are the stewards of our landscapes. Over ⅓ of the Earth’s surface is managed by farmers and ranchers and it’s time that we recognized and reward the positive impact they have.

  • Sign up on our platform
  • Establish a baseline
  • Adopt beneficial practices
  • Proof of impact
  • Get paid

Regen Network is working with institutional partners from around the world to fund your regenerative practices and ecological outcomes.

We find the partners, verify the practices or outcomes, and you get paid.


Unlike other companies, Regen Network believes farmers should own their own data and never be coerced into agreements that don’t serve their interests.

Get paid while improving the profitability of your farm.

Many of the farming practices being incentivized are also shown to increase soil health and increase farm enterprise profitability in and of themselves. We’re working to improve that equation in the farmer’s favor. Now it’s an easy yes!