Realigning the Economics of Agriculture

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This isn't just a potato.

Our team recently wrapped up the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, a program in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, one of the most effective and wide-reaching environmental organisations in the world.


We build open tools that facilitate ecological regeneration.

There may be nothing of more critical importance today than the regeneration of the world's ecosystems. Regen Network provides the tools that are needed to regenerate our planet. We enable decentralized, collective action towards healthier ecosystems, and help constantly improve our understanding of our natural world, and our role as part of it. Some examples of projects we are running on Regen Network:

Forest Protection

Empowering indigenous communities to protect Amazonian forests.

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Tracking Regeneration

Track land cover, carbon sequestration and other soil health changes

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Compensating Great Farming

We're helping Ecuadorian Cacao farmers shift to more environmentally friendly farming practices.

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Our Offering

Transparency: what's happening on our planet right now

Regen Network gives anyone in the world access to open, scientifically valid information about the current state of our planet - be it a piece of farmland, a river, or an entire ecosystem - without having to rely on a centralized authority.

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Collaboration: aligning farmers and organizations

Regen Network is an open data platform, on top of which anyone can build applications. We are building the first application, which enables farmers and funders to create agreements about farming practices and ecological change.

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A new Commons: your open platform and toolkit

Regen Network is building an open community, stewarding commonly held resources and tools, including: a pool of high quality data about ecological state. These common resources will be governed by the community they belong to.

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Understanding the State of Our Planet

To create agreements about ecological improvement, we first need to understand where we are today. We need an accounting system to both analyze how healthy the environment is at our starting point, and to track how this changes over time. In other words, we need a trusted database for ecological data.

In this way, any person anywhere in the world can be sure what the current state is of each ecosystem or piece of land, and base their goals for improvement on this common understanding.

This is why we are building Regen Ledger: the Blockchain of ecological health. It's a Proof-of-Stake blockchain focused on ecological data, assets, and agreements using the Tendermint Consensus Engine and built on the Cosmos SDK.

Tracking Ecological Change

Ecosystems are not static: they continuously evolve, due to changing circumstances, such as weather, seasons and human impact. To understand what is changing on a piece of land, Regen Network allows users to make claims.

For example, a farmer may claim "today I planted 50 trees in this section of my land". Depending on the farmer's aims, he can simply make the claim, or he can invite a third party to verify what has happened, to help make his claim more credible to others.

This third party traditionally is a person who visits the location to check that the trees have in fact been planted, or that the trees are still there. At Regen Network, we are working on making it possible to verify what is happening on the ground via algorithms running on satellite imagery, as well as combinations between both of these methods.

Which method makes most sense depends on what needs to be measured, and how certain we need to be about what has changed.

Measuring Ecological Health

Regen Network is built to support a wide variety of ecological improvement agreements. These include agreements about improving practices, agreements about ecological changes and a combination of both. Changing practices isn't 100% sure to be effective, but can be tracked in the short term. To track actual ecological impact, we look at long term indicators. Regen Network allows users to track change that is meaningful to them, not restricting metrics, and allowing us to gain a more holistic understanding of ecosystem health.

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